Charles R. Twardy

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❝   If you find you always agree with the liberal or conservative party, then that is your true religion.

As best I recall, so wrote the rabbi who wrote the regular opinion column for what was then The Southern Shofar. Periodically life reminds me.

Today it was this 2016 Jacobs piece I found from his tribute to Paul Farmer.

I have at times been in groups of people who know and respect the work of Care Net, but if in those contexts I mention my admiration for the work of Paul Farmer and Partners in Health, I am liable to get some suspicious looks. …

In other groups, people join enthusiastically in my praise for Paul Farmer — but become nervous when I mention my admiration for Care Net. …

And yet both Partners in Health and Care Net are pursuing the Biblical mandate to care for the weakest and most helpless among us. In so many ways they are doing the same work, and even are dedicated to the same goal — the preservation and healing of the lives of people made in the image of God. Why must we see them in opposition to each other?