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"Maybe crypto is best understood as a new set of incentives." ~Meissler

I see crypto as dystopian by design, but Daniel Meissler’s re-imagining at least lets me glimpse why it might have general appeal.

Take a multi-player world like MineCraft where people create amazing fantastic, complicated things. That seems to be working fine right now, but it seems a really creative builder or gamer needs YouTube or Patreon or a side job. Meissler:

❝   So an example would be a user signing up, creating a cool city or island in a game, standing up a government, creating really cool magic items, etc., and making money when people decide to come there and spend time (because they like how the system works).

I’m not sure this is better but it’s not obviously bad. It has the benefits and flaws of how we build valuable things & experiences in the real world.

And I’m not sure it needs blockchain – didn’t Steam already do this a decade ago without crypto?

But at least he sketches why there might a coordination problem to solve, rather than a cool hammer hunting nails.