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Actual history (Cowen)

Reflection for sheltered people like me:


For my entire life, and a bit more, … virtually all of us [in the US] have been living in a bubble “outside of history.”

Hardly anyone you know, including yourself, is prepared to live in actual “moving” history. It will panic many of us, disorient the rest of us, and cause great upheavals in our fortunes, both good and bad. In my view, the good will considerably outweigh the bad (at least from losing #2 [absence of radical techological change], not #1 [American hegemony]), but I do understand that the absolute quantity of the bad disruptions will be high.

~Tyler Cowen, “There is no turning back on AI” Free Press Marginal Rev

Laura points out that even in the US, a sizable minority have been living in “actual history”.